1. Perfection Editors are humans. Humans make mistakes. You editor will make mistakes. If an editor guarantees an error free manuscript or document, run for the hills! Don’t expect an error free document. Mistakes happen, sometimes mistakes go under the radar. As we all know technology is not always reliable. Your editor might overlook something or perhaps he/she made corrections, but the program didn’t save or reversed the changes. The purpose of the editor is to decrease errors, increase readability, clarify the content among other responsibilities. However, delivering a perfect document that is error free is not a guarantee. Even if there are no copyright errors (spelling, grammar, etc.), you may not be satisfied because writing and editing are highly subjective.   2. Limitless rounds of editing Each project has a finite number or passthroughs (rounds of editing) before an editor will charge for further services. My packages include two rounds of editing. If a client requests more, I charge an additional fee for supplemental editing rounds. Most editors implement similar expectations for their clients. Do not expect your editor to provide infinite rounds of editing. Be prepared to pay for additional rounds.   3. Rewriting your manuscript or document Your editor is not your ghostwriter! Unless of course you are paying him or her to edit and write for you. Otherwise, your editor is not responsible for writing for you. The editor only makes suggestions and recommendations to enhance your writing.   4. To make the final decisions regarding your manuscript/document. The author is the final and ultimate decision maker. The author is not obligated to accept revisions, edits, suggestions, or recommendations. If you disagree with an editor’s feedback, it is okay. Your editor is there to help and support you. The manuscript belongs to you, so you always have the final say. 5. To read your mind If you have a question, ask. If you have concerns, express them. If you need help, ask. If you are satisfied with your editor, say so. If you disagree with a suggestion or revision, speak up. You hired a professional editor, not a psychic. Closed mouths don’t get fed, advocate for yourself and your manuscript. CaTyra Polland CEO of Love for Words www.pollandllc.com 585-210-8192