Write. If you don’t write, you cannot become an author. You have to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Create a writing schedule and stick to it. You can write a list of topics you want to write about and randomly select a topic. You can also start writing when an idea or thought comes to mind. No paper or computer, text or e-mail it to yourself or save it in your notes app on your phone. To become a writer, you must write.

Connect with other people to grow your network. Join author groups, befriend authors, publishers, editors, literary agents etc. Listen to podcasts about writing and publishing. Be a guest on podcasts, write blogs, use social media, and local resources to build your network. Being active will help you connect with a team who will help you along your journey to authorhood.

Be patient. Don’t rush the process! Take your time writing your book. Write until you feel you are finished. Develop a realistic timeline for publishing your book, you must account for editing, formatting, book cover design, copyright and other steps. Practice patience with yourself and those who are helping you. Deadlines can be changed, designs can be adjusted, and your manuscript can be revised. The process should be fluid, not rigid.

Be positive. There will be various challenges throughout the process. Remind yourself why you want to become a published author and celebrate the successes along the journey. Take a break if you need to, come back when you are energized and ready to move forward with publishing your book.

These helpful tips can make or break your path to becoming a published author. Remember, there are resources available to you. You are not alone. Writing is a rewarding yet challenging task. You can and will become a published author. Work smarter, not harder and your dream of becoming a published author will come to fruition.